in conduction heat is transferred through the _______ of two objects

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In conduction heat is transferred through the body of two objects. And by body, we mean the atoms and molecules of the bodies.

Conduction is one of the three forms of heat transfer, other two being convection and radiation. In conduction, heat is transferred from one object to another when they are in contact with each other, i.e. to say, they are touching each other. The use of ice pack or a hot water bottle are examples of thermal conduction, where the heat is transferred from the hotter body to the colder one.

At microscopic level, heat provides kinetic energy to the atoms and molecules within a body and this motion of microscopic bodies is transferred to other atoms/molecules that are at rest and that is how the heat energy is transferred from hotter to colder region.

Thus, in thermal conduction, through physical contact (at macroscopic level) and vibrations of atoms/molecules (at microscopic level), the heat is transferred from one object to the other.

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punitjoshi369 | Student

Flow of heat between two object is called conduction.

Heat always flows from hot bodies to cold bodies.

So in conduction heat is transferred between two objects which are at different temperature and are in physical contact with each other.

kspcr111 | Student

This direct transfer of heat from one object to another is called conduction.

All matter is made of atoms and molecules.  The motion of atoms and molecules in the substances creates heat energy. This motion atoms or molecules are caused by the conduction.  More the motion of the atoms or molecules gives rise to more heat which they will transfer.

The conduction process occurs when an object is heated then particles gain more energy, and they tend to  vibrate more.  These atoms or molecules then bump into the nearby particles and transfer some of the energy to them.  This process continues and the energy is passed from the hot end down to the colder end of the other object.


in conduction heat is transferred through the vibration of the atoms or molecules of two objects.

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