How can I write a persuasive speech in condemnation of Napoleon's leadership of the animals in George Orwell's novella Animal Farm?

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pholland14 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Look at Napoleon's actions--he was absent at the Battle of the Cowshed, he had Snowball exiled, he had naysayers killed after mock trials, and he never did any work.  While no animals but Benjamin could read the Commandments of Animalism, they seemed always to change in favor of the pigs.  The pigs lived like humans at the end of the story, and the name of the farm reverted back to what it was before the revolution.  There are many reasons not to like Napoleon.  Your job here is to give exact reasons on why Napoleon is worse than Jones.  Remember, these animals cannot read, so when you compose your speech, try to focus on the conditions on the Farm.  The animals may be illiterate, but they can remember if they were better off than they were at the time of the rebellion.  You could even tell the story of Boxer the horse and how his death is a lesson in what loyalty to Animal Farm causes.  There are many directions for this speech.  I would pay close attention to the length requirements, however, imposed by your instructor.  I am sure he/she realizes that the animals on the farm do not have long attention spans with the exception of Benjamin, but he is not going to revolt anyway.  

shajeesona | Student

Any points on how Napoleon's leadership was towards the animals.