Comprensively state how you have contributed to the wider community through you community service this year.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This question is seeking to examine your involvement with public service.  It will require you to either reflect or ruminate upon what public services are available in your community and/ or what you have done for others outside of yourself and your own interests.  I think that you need to think about if you have been consistently engaging in practices or actions that can be constituted as community service.  This might be volunteering at an organization that serves others, or giving time and service in dedication to others' needs. If you have done any of these, then I think you can write about your experiences and fulfill the requirements of the prompt.  Yet, I think that if you have not done this, you might need to reflect on how you can "give back" to your community in the form of dedicating yourself and your energies to others.  Volunteering at a community center, a house of worship, or simply wiling to help others who are in need on a consistent basis, without prejudice or stigma, is going to be a part of this equation.  Once you have done this, writing about it should be able to complete the writing assignment.