What were the most important elements of Bacon's prose style?

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Francis Bacon is know for being a major advocate of the "plain style" in writing. He was a consistent opponent of the ornate rhetorical mstyle favored by many Renaissance humanists. He argued that clear thinking about science and philosophy required transparent clear language, and saw many of the errors of Romanism and Aristotelianism as being due to their having used language in imprecise ways. Bacon's reformation of language was connected to his opposition to scholasticism and the entire system of deductive logic and a priori categories that the schoolmen had appropriated from Aristotle's "Organon" in service of Roman Catholic theology. He saw much of what he considered category mistakes in theology as due to misuse of language.

Bacon's own writing, compared to that of his contemporaries, uses relatiovely short sentences, Germanic as opposed to Latinate words, and minimal figuration.





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Bacon Essays contains aphoristic style, allusion, epigrams and more...

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