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Complex numbers Sum the complex numbers 3+2i+1-5i

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The sum of 3+2i+1-5i is found by adding the real terms together and the complex terms, or the terms that contain i, together.


=> 3 + 1 + 2i - 5i

=> 4 - 3i

The required result of 3+2i+1-5i is 4 - 3i

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giorgiana1976 | Student

We'll recognize the complex numbers from this addition:

z1 = 3+2i and z2 = 1-5i

We'll combine the real parts and the imaginary parts:

(3+1) + (-5i+2i)

4 - 3i

The complex number resulted from the addition of the given complex numbers z1 and z2 is:

z = z1 + z2

z = 4 - 3i, whose real part is Re(z) = 4 and the imaginary part is Im(z) = -3.