Complete the sentence: In The Crucible, Governor Danforth is seen as a man who is...?

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There are many apt descriptors that could appear in the blank in terms of articulating what Danforth is like.  I think that one term could be "inflexible."  Danforth is shown to be extremely unwilling to change his mind during the proceedings and afterwards.  For example, he recognizes that Corey is not going to name his informant and Danforth proves unwilling to engage him on any other level, sentencing him for being pressed to death.  When it is clear that Proctor and Goody Nurse are not guilty, Danforth refuses to grant them clemency and pardon them.  These are example of his inflexibility as a character.  Along these lines, I would say that Danforth shows himself to be "proud."  He refuses to acquiesce to anything that would show his own potential for interpreted weakness.  His pride and sense of ego prevents him from admitting that entire trial was really fraudulent in its supposed pursuit of justice.  Even at the end, when the pressures are being brought to bear, he refuses to admit anything in terms of wrong.  This would be a demonstration of his pride.

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