Complete the sentences about Albert Einstein:  Einstein was famous for more than just his theories on insanity and devising E=MC^2. His work on…

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Einstein's pure talent was that his own sense of genius and insight spread beyond the realm of science.  He was famous and  influential for more than just his theories on insanity and devising E=MC^2.  Einstein was a political force at a time when political power around the world was a fluid element.  Einstein became famous for his rallying cry about how the need to defeat Hitler was a moral imperative.  Along these lines, he was famous for advocating to the United States government that Germany was developing the technology to use nuclear weapons against much of the world.  Einstein knew very well that if he spoke out against such a condition, there would be a greater chance that he would be heard.  Indeed, he was right for Einstein's advocacy on this point was what initiated the development of the Manhattan Project leading towards the United States' development of a nuclear device.  Einstein was also famous for regretting this as he saw the escalation of nuclear weapons usher in the nuclear age, becoming famous for one of a long and mournful parade of scientists who regretted political coopting of their ideas and beliefs.  In these examples, it is clear that Einstein's fame extends beyond his scientific discoveries and formula conceptions.