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Complete and balance the following equation for H^2SO4(aq)+Ca(OH)^2(aq)? A)Provide a ironic equation

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`H_2SO_4` and `Ca(OH)_2` are strong acid and strong base respectively.

They react together and form salt `(CaSO_4)` and water. `CaSO_4 ` is fully ionized in water.


`H_2SO_4_(aq) rarr 2H^+_(aq)+SO_4^(2-)_(aq)`

`Ca(OH)_2_(aq) rarr Ca^(2+)_(aq)+2OH^(-)_(aq)`


`H_2SO_4_(aq)+Ca(OH)_2_(aq) rarr CaSO_4_(aq)+2H_2O_((l))`


`CaSO_4_(aq) rarr Ca^(2+)_(aq)+SO_4^(2-)_(aq)`


Ionic Equation

`2H^+_(aq)+SO_4^(2-)_(aq)+Ca^(2+)_(aq)+2OH^(-)_(aq)+ rarrCa^(2+)_(aq)+SO_4^(2-)_(aq)+2H_2O_((l))`


Canceling the common ions in both sides will give the net ionic equation.

`H^+_(aq)+OH_((aq))^(-) rarr H_2O_((l))`

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