What were specific complaints that different groups of Americans had against the British government that aided in the American Revolution?

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Issues that led to the American Revolution are well captured in the Declaration of Independence. The Founding Fathers and other American groups felt ignored and oppressed by the British administration. They complained about the absolute tyranny exercised by the King and his ignorance to their plight. Failure by the King to consider the grievances forced the groups to rebel against the throne and the legislative body of Great Britain. Among some of the reasons cited in the document include:

  • Invasion of the rights of the American people by the British administration, culminating in their exercise of the right of revolution
  • Frustration of the American representatives by their British counterparts and the King
  • Britain’s failure to allow the Americans to set up their own Judiciary
  • Britain’s maintenance of active armies stationed in America in times of peace
  • Imposing and raising taxes for the Americans without due regard to their existing condition

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