In regards to America: Pathways to the Present, compile a list of ten descriptive phrases that characterized the USA and Europe after the war.  

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Seeing that we are examining or searching for ten phrases, I think we can go from the very mundane to the very complex.  Phrase one:  America and the allied forces had stood victorious after engaging in the world's bloodiest affairs.  Two:  The world stood forever changed as a result of the First World War.  Three:  The terms imposed by the Treaty of Versailles sought to castrate the German state.  Four:  The imposition of reparations and denial of weapons for Germany helped to fuel a great deal of anger towards the West.  Five:  The experience of the war left its scars on many nations, including England.  Six:  The isolationist movement grew as a result of the First World War.  Seven:  Democracy was installed as a government in Germany.  Eight:  The lack of economic stability made democratic attempts in Germany a challenge.  Nine:  Russia's entry into Communism made them unable to forge any alliances with other nations in Europe.  Ten:  In the wake of the First World War, the world's attention was lacking to the Armenian Massacre at the hands of the Turkish Army.