Compare the story to the video. Did the video show the suspense or irony differently?  

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booboosmoosh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After watching the Vincent Price video, I thought the music added to the suspense in the video, but I think I enjoyed the sense of suspense Poe created in his writing more than in the video.  Poe's imagery is truly amazing: it has quite an impact as if we were there in the catacombs, though we are not.

However, the irony is much easier to pick out in the video than in the short story because Vincent Price (who is so very excellent in tales of horror) adds the right amount of inflection in his voice as needed, along with an evil grin and the cocking of one brow.

The eerie smile "Montresor" wears toward the end of the video makes the irony that much clearer to the viewer, and in terms of the two forms of the story, I liked the video more for a better appreciation of the irony.

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