Where can focus be placed in a comparative study between "The Postmaster" and "The Castaway?"

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one area in which focus can be applied in a comparative study of both Tagore works is in the treatment of orphans.  The construction of the orphan is of vital importance in both works.  Nilkanta is an orphan, an abandoned soul who literally washes up on Kiran's doorstep.  The immediate bond that is forged between he and Kiran is what helps bring meaning to his life.  This same type of connection is seen between Ratan and the Postmaster.  Ratan is adrift in the village of Ulapur before she forges a connection with the postmaster.  In both works, an orphan is lost, only to be found with the emotional connection established in another person.

Along these lines, another comparative point would be the abandonment of the orphan.  In both works, the emotional connection is severed before the orphan is ready to relinquish the bond.  There is an almost "second" abandonment that both orphans experience.  Nilkanta feels abandoned when Kiran is ready to go and when she shows more affection to her brother.  When she discovers the ink stand amongst his belongings, the pain is too much to bear and he leaves, never to be heard from again.  When the Postmaster is called to leave his position, Ratan feels abandoned and is condemned to live out her days in a painful and forlorn state. The breaking of both orphans' hearts becomes another comparative element between both works.

me1tsush | Student

another comparizon which we can feel while reading bothe the stories is the emotional attachment between the characters . in both the stories the relation between the two protagonists is more and above love or mere infatuation . both ratan and nilkanta are the only mode of companion and the post master and kiran find solace in the latter . As both ratan and nilkanta are orphans , they are new to the flow of affection and so the get overflowed if the river of emotions which both  the the postmaster and kiran pour out of generosity and pity . it is a tie of affection which can not be permanent but the children misinterpret the affection and are hurt when their hope for a new beginning is shattered by the norms of the society