What are a few comparisons and contrasts between Jim Burden and Antonia Shimerda?

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Although both Jim Burden and Antonia Shimerda are new to Nebraska (they arrive at the same time), Jim is an American who has to leave Virginia after his parents' deaths to live with his grandparents. Antonia has traveled much further: she and her family came as immigrants from Bohemia (now the Czech Republic).

Jim arrives to live in a warm, welcoming home on the prairie, whereas Antonia and her family must live in a sod house after they are conned out of their hard-earned savings by a fellow Czech immigrant. Antonia struggles to survive, but she loves the land, and she and Jim play and grow up together. Jim's grandparents insist on his getting a formal education. He eventually heads to university and pursues a career. Antonia, after the suicide of her father, is forced to work in the fields and eventually becomes a "hired girl" in the town of Black Hawk, where she flourishes,...

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