Compare The Road and Frankenstein.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that both of them place an emphasis on the relationship between father and son, the creator and the created.  McCarthy's work reflects a redemptive quality to this dynamic.  In a world where all else is desolate, there is fertility and emotional salvation in the manner in which the father loves and cares for his son.  There is an unconditional element that is present in their relationship that marks this relationship.  Shelley's work might present the opposite of this experience.  The relationship between Victor and the monster is one of resentment and abandonment.  Confronted with the reality of Victor's creation, he abandons it and abdicates his responsibility.  The father in McCarthy's work has every opportunity to leave his son, given the setting, but never does.  There is a selflessness that is present in his actions that Victor completely lacks as a father- figure, himself.  I think that exploring how both works can show the different extremes of men towards their responsibilities would be a point of significant comparison between both works.