Comparison between the novel Angela’s Ashes and one of these films: Lost in Translation OR In America.How are they similar?

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Similarities between Angela's Ashes and In America:

Both Angela's Ashes and the movie In America are classic immigrant stories.  Though the general plot lines, characters, and even setting of each (aside from the fact that both families end up in America) are different, a few themes remain the same.

First, both stories deal with the general difficulty of being an immigrant in America.  Both of the main families in each story are Irish.  They are poor and struggling to find success, comfort, and an identity in their new lives.

Another common theme between the stories is the theme of hope.  Despite the fact that the main character in both the novel and the movie give up or are in general confusion about theirreligious faith (for a time), both maintain a sense of hope throughout their respective stories that things will get better.  The turning away or lack of understanding about the traditional religion that was so pervasive in their heritage but the maintenance of hope without religion heightens the tone of American pride.  It emphasizes the common thread that wove most American immigrants together, which was, the idea that America itself would provide a better life.