Compare the end of "All My Sons" to "Death of a Salesman" and "An Inspector Calls" and comment on the main themes common to the three plays.

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Well, I am happy to deal more with An Inspector Calls because the original answerer dealt mostly with All My Sons and Death of a Salesman.

The end of An Inspector Calls deals with the family first trying to cover themselves in light of the actual situation (of implied guilt for the murder of Eva Smith) and then wondering who Inspector Goole actually is.  The suspense of the end is supposed to shock the audience.  There is a phone call and an inspector is on the way over to investigate the murder of a young woman.  (The audience realizes this is what is being dealt with during the whole play!)

Now let's put this suicide of Eva Smith in the context of the other two discussed above.  Eva Smith drank disinfectant, ... and EVERY...

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