What is the comparision between Parson Adams and Parson Tulliber in the novel Joseph Andrews, especially in regard to charity?  

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Parson Adams in Joseph Andrews is the quintessential good country parson of the era. He is charitable in all that he possesses, even to the point of being charitable enough to risk his own safety or even life in order to protect his students and friends. When Joseph Andrews encounters him in a tavern while journeying back to his village, Joseph is genuinely glad to see Parson Adams, which testifies to the greatness of his philosophy of charitableness. It is true that he also loves a good smoke and a good meal with both good food and good drink. It is also true that this trait is seen in poor light by some individuals.

Parson Trulliber, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of Parson Adams. His goodwill and charitable spirit are so mean and meager that he will not even extend charity to Parson Adams when it is in need. While Parson Adams loves a good meal and smoke, Parson Trulliber is an all-out glutton who greedily consumes as a form of avarice. All his charititable attitude metaphorically goes toward feeding his ravenous gluttony. On top of which, he is foul tempered; no former student and friend would embrace him lovingly if encountered in a tavern while on a sad journey home.

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Can I ask you another question?

Fielding starts with parodying Richardson’s Pamela and ends by writing a great novel. Discuss

How can I answer that ?



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Parson Adams in the novel Joseph Andrews is a true Christian and he keeps preaching the Christian values to everybody whom he happens to meet. However,he is too simple -minded ,and he often becomes a target of ridiculous

He proves to be a true friend to Joseph and comes to Joseph's rescue several times.He also rescue Fanny from being ravished by a villain.He does not yield to anyone where principles are concerned.

Parson Trulliber on the other hand , is little interested in his religious duitse ,and he is completely devoid of the virtue of charity. He responds too negatively when Adams approaches him for aid .Trulliber shows himself to be the quintessential hypocrite,a devotee of self-interest masquerading as a paragon of virtue.