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COMPARISION OF AN ANIMAL CELL TO A SOCCER TEAM What is the correct comparison of the animal cell to team positions  the cell  cell membrane Chromosome cytoplasm  lysosome mitochondrion cell membrane nucleus ribosome endoplasmic reticulum vacuole  soccer team Defensive Positions Sweeper, Central defender, Full backs, Wing backs Midfielder Roles Defensive midfielder,Central midfielder, Attacking midfielder, Side midfielder (winger) Attacking Positions wing forward, support striker, center forward

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There are many ways on how to compare an animal cell with the soccer team depending on the specific function of each organelles in the cell.

Nucleus - is like the head coach. It commands the organelles what to do, giving them the right information on how to process the metabolism of the cell.

Chromosomes can be attributed with the team identity. Every individual has a distinct identification that is unique among everyone. This can also be comparable with the brain of the team as a whole that creates plans, tactics and plays in order to make a point. Every team has its own “signature plays”.

Mitochondria are like the pep talk or assistant coach. It energizes the organelles by supplying enough energy in order for their task to be accomplished.

Endoplasmic reticulum is the midfielder. It moves the proteins (or other stuff) all around the cell until it reaches its proper destination. They go hand in hand with the ribosomes.

Ribosomes are the offensive attackers. Ribosomes make proteins, attackers or strikers make goals.

Lysosomes are the defense. They contain digestive enzymes that can destroy macromolecules that enter the cells. Lysosomes try to stop the offenses that those foreign bodies are trying to do. Similarly, cell membrane is also the defense. Its role is guarding what the offense is doing. It allows or prevents something to enter inside the cell. 

Vacuoles are like the bench players. They are the storage houses in the cell. Excess food and water are usually stored in the vacuole for future use. 

Cytoplasm is the field or where the game is happening. Remember that the organelles are suspended in the cytoplasm while preforming their functions. 

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