How does the student culture of your educational experience compare with the student culture of the 21st century in terms of what students like about school?.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What students like today is very similar to what students liked about school in my high school days (I graduated in 1986).  This is likely to remain the same for a long time.  Students like school as a location where they can interact with their friends.  They also sometimes like particular classes and/or particular teachers.

In both eras, students enjoyed school most for the fact that they got to spend time with their friends.  This is one reason it is often difficult for teachers to maintain order in class; students simply want to hang out and enjoy themselves with their peers.

In both eras, some students liked some academic aspects of school.  Most classes can be interesting at least part of the time.  Most students have a favorite class and/or teacher that they often look forward to.  These aspects will likely remain as the things that students enjoy about school for the foreseeable future.