How does the society described in Brave New World compare with today's society?

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In addition to the commonplace nature of sexual partnering,  sexual "freedom" does seem to have become compensation for loss of personal freedoms in our society just as it is in Brave New World

Also, in Brave New World the people are repulsed by Linda's age when she returns. Likewise, there is such an obsession nowadays with looking young; very few of the Hollywood stars seem to have aged, for example.

Still another parallel:  The children are death-conditioned so the loss of someone is meaningless to them.  Have so many nowadays not become inured to murder/death?

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There are many interesting comparisons, but I think the most telling is the use of the media to do what hypnopedia did in BNW.  We are bombarded with information, mostly on television, and very few of us take the time to filter out what is fact, what is opinion, and what is just nonsense.  If you want to think of Orwell's 1984 to further illustrate this idea, he understood some of the power of television, but had no idea what it would become in the future.  He could not have seen it become our major source of information (a lot more people get their news from TV (or the Internet), than from written sources), which is not bad in itself since written sources are also edited and come with a "point of view."  The Internet just complicates the problem; there is SO MUCH information that it becomes virtually impossible to know what to believe ... so perhaps we are more easily "controlled" now.

The drug issue makes me think of what we are doing to our children ... instead of working through some of the difficulties of growing up, they are drugged through them.

The separation of sex and love is yet another thing that seems more prevelant today.  What does it mean when everyone is for everyone else?  Is that all we should mean to/for each other?

There are other things, but only so many words are allowed. I'm sure that not everyone will agree with this list, either.

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