Jonathan Edwards

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In comparing Jonathan Edwards' Personal Narrative and Parts One and Two only of Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography, use four quotes to demonstrate a preference for one over the other. 

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Which work you prefer is a matter of personal choice, but there is no doubt that the style and voice of the works differ. Edwards, who largely writes about his own journey towards faith in God, has a distinctive style that can at times be jarring but that is always memorable. For example, he writes of his days as a non-believer:

But in process of time, my convictions and affections wore off; and I entirely lost all those affections and delights and left off secret prayer, at least as to any constant performance of it; and returned like a dog to his vomit, and went on in the ways of sin. Indeed I was at times very uneasy, especially towards the latter part of my time at college; when it pleased God, to seize me with a pleurisy; in which he brought me nigh to the grave, and shook me over the pit of hell.

Edwards is able to capture his experience with vivid similes, such as returning to his disbeliefs like "a dog to his vomit." His writing also conveys a sense of drama, as he believes that...

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