Compare developments in a poor and rich country over time.

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I would say that a specific comparison of nations would be needed in effectively answering this question.  Yet, I do believe that globalization can be used as a base to compare nations in terms of progress and development over time.  On one hand, nations that are advancing in the globalization setting are ones that enjoy and reap the benefits of technology.  Cultural globalism is advanced  by technological growths in communication and exchanges of information.  This is one point of comparison between two nations.  Countries or settings that are able to take full advantage of communication tools via technology, such as India or China, are going to be benefit from the globalized setting as opposed to ones that are not the benefactors of technology.  At the same time, I think that another point of comparison would have to be the idea of embracing fair trade.  One critical element in the globalized setting for nations is the idea of the globalized setting.  Nations that embrace free trade and actively conduct political affairs and negotiate treaties in accordance to it are ones that are more interactive in the global marketplace.

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