Comparing and contrasting,  What are the  values and actions illustrated in "Good Times" that provide views/experinces regarding family?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Certainly, I think that one of the central views towards family in the show asserts the strength of family despite the overwhelming conditions of socio- economic reality.  The Evans' family lives in a world where the reality of being is an overwhelming one:

Evictions, gang warfare, financial problems, muggings, rent parties and discrimination were frequent themes of the television program Good Times, that aired on CBS Television from February 1974 to August 1979.

The one constant in this world was the strength of the family.  Mr. and Mrs. Evans both do everything possible to keep their family together, and in the process this helps to form the basis of their "good times."  The show asserts how the family unit can remain strong in the midst of such challenging and harrowing realities.  In doing so, the show is able to claim that family maintenance can exist outside of social reality, and that economic challenge and racial marginalization does not have to automatically result in the fragmentation of a family unit.  It is here where some of the show's values and statements regarding family become the most evident.

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