Compare and contrast how Monet, Seurat, and Chuck Close use color in the development of their paintings. Compare the use of color in Monet’s, Haystack at Sunset; Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte/ Bathers at Asnieres; and Chuck Close’s Bill Clinton.  How did it affect the development of each painting?

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In his impressionist paintings such as Haystack at Sunset Monet attempted to capture his impression of the scene he was painting.  He applied paint to his canvas in a rough, quick style to capture a fleeting impression of the colors he was seeing.  Often times, he applied unmixed paint to the painting, allowing them to combine visually from a distance.  This resulted in a luminous use of color because the unmixed bright colors were actually present on the canvas.

Seurat was the master of visual color mixing.  Unlike Monet his style was not rough, but precise and almost scientific. In his...

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