Compared to other minorities, Asian Americans:A. are more likely to be Democrats.B. are more likely to be Republicans.C. tend to be considered “swing” voters.D. tend not to register to vote,...

 Compared to other minorities, Asian Americans:
A. are more likely to be Democrats.
B. are more likely to be Republicans.
C. tend to be considered “swing” voters.
D. tend not to register to vote, thus not vote as often.
E. are less likely to learn English.


Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The right answer to this Question is Option D.  It is correct to say that Americans of Asian descent are less likely to be registered to vote than other Americans.  They are also less likely to actually vote.  This makes Option D correct.

Scholars offer a number of reasons to account for this. Some say that Asian Americans often come from countries that do not have democratic traditions so they are not used to voting.  Additionally, some say that Asian Americans are more concerned with making economic progress than with trying to participate in politics.  Scholars also note that Asian Americans were not allowed to be equal to white Americans until after WWII.

Whatever the reasons, Asian Americans are (at least for now) somewhat less likely to register and to vote than other Americans. This makes Option D the correct answer.