Compare Wordsworth’s feelings about Nature as described in these poems. “The World is Too Much With Us; LATE AND SOON" "COMPOSED UPON WESTMINSTER BRIDGE, SEPT. 3, 1802" "COMPOSED A FEW MILES ABOVE TINTERN ABBEY, ON REVISITING THE BANKS OF THE WYE DURING A TOUR. JULY 13, 1798"

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In each of these poems, like much of his work, Wordsworth's embrace of nature is critical to the appreciation of his work and the philosophy that drives it.  In "The World is Too Much with Us," Wordsworth constructs nature as the transcendent ideal that is being clouded by individual contingency.  The industry and the commercially conformist ends of the modern setting that is represented by "the world" as it is currently constructed fails to "see" the natural setting that is "ours."  In this poem, Wordsworth sees nature as a universal idyll that is to be pursued and embraced with...

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