Compare the ways business was carried out in Renaissance period and now.

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Business has changed greatly over the past 500 years. The first major difference is the growth of large corporations; in the Renaissance most companies were much smaller. Although this period saw the rise of chartered companies, the modern public corporation did not evolve until later. Banking, now ubiquitous, began to grow swiftly in the Renaissance but only provided limited services to a limited number of people. Most people followed the trades of their parents.

Mass production, industrialization, and the consequent economic shift from food production to manufacturing were products of the nineteenth century, and thus the Renaissance is before this change and the modern period after.

Infrastructure differed radically, in that during the Renaissance, transportation was by foot, horse, or sail, and far slower and less reliable than now. Communication was also much slower, meaning less globalization.

Electrical power did not exist, limiting much work and other activities to daylight hours (one could eat by candlelight but not run a business).