Compare the way that Ender treated Bean differently than the way Graff treats Ender.   What does this say about the role of leadership or authority?

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When Ender first sees the the brilliant, undersized youngster Bean included in his army, he treats him very much like Graff treats Ender. He tells the other soldiers that Bean is the only intelligent one, setting him up to be hated by them. However, Ender then realizes what he is doing and decides that he does not want to do that. He wants to be supportive toward Bean as well as being a strong commander.

Somewhat like Graff giving Ender Dragon Army, Ender assigns Bean to run his own special squad within Dragon. Ender makes this choice to promote the success of his army—Bean is good at what he does. It is also a way of clearly showing respect for Bean's intelligence. Ender explicitly praises Bean privately when giving him the assignment, too. Graff, by contrast, saves his praise of Ender for public forums where he can use it. He may genuinely admire Ender, but he never shows it in private conversations, whereas Ender makes the choice to say good things about Bean directly to him when...

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