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Compare Adrienne Rich's and Virginia Woolf's arguments on the state of women's education.

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Virginia Woolf’s extended essay “A Room of One’s Own” was first published in 1929. In it, Woolf argues that if women are to be equal to men they need to have their own space and their own opportunities to learn and think. The room of which Woolf writes is both literal and figurative; women need an actual place to do their work, but they also need to be free of the constraints of womanhood, such as parenting and housework. Woolf argues that even women who have been privileged enough to receive an education do not receive the same respect and place in society as do men.

Adrienne Rich was born the year Woolf published her famous essay. Decades later, in 1977, Rich gave a lecture called "Claiming an Education," later published in the magazine The Common Woman , in which she argues that women (who, by the...

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