How does the world of Sir Thomas More's Utopia compare to the world today?

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Sir Thomas More's Utopia is a response to the hierarchical, class-based world in which More lived. More lived in England during the era of strong monarchical rule and the beginning of the enclosure movement, which privatized communal land. He lived in a strict class-based society in which the wealthy enjoyed a surplus of goods and luxuries and the poor faced immense scarcity. The world in which we live is a continuation of this class-based society. The wealthy class enjoys a surplus, while the working class must struggle and face the realities of economic insecurity. As capitalism replaced feudal societies, the poor did not experience liberation, but simply a change in the ways in which they were oppressed. Capitalism has since morphed into the globalized free-trade market of today that is dominated by transnational corporations and the oppression of the Global South and the working-class people of the Global North. In More's Utopia , a vaguely socialist society exists in which there is a...

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