Compare the "types" of love in "The Tally Stick," "To a Daughter Leaving Home," and "Those Winter Sundays."

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In "The Tally Stick" you find all types of love. The strongest form of love depicted here is the agape love that one friend has for another. The selfless, non-judging type of love.  You could also call this storge (stor-gay)  love as it centers around the family and develops slowly over time.  This love has developed into a very strong bond of friendship that has a history over time.

In the poem: "To a Daughter Leaving Home", you find the agape form of love that encourages and inspires without having the need of being reciprocated. It is unconditional love based on achieving the success of being able to ride a bike. The loved and the beloved both experience joy at the success. The child is overjoyed and happy, but does not thank the parent for the time spent in teaching the skill.

In the poem "Those Winter Sundays" the love being depicted is Agape or unconditional love by the father toward his family. He takes care of the details of making the fire, polishing shoes etc...often unappreciated by those for whom he does these tasks.  The child, now evidently grown, appears to finally understand the type of sacrificial love the father has shown by doing these tasks without first waking the child to do them.

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