compare two major victorian novels one by male author and  another by a female author so as to bring out the differences and similarities between them ?

asranaehsan | Student

    As regard the Victorian age is remarkable for the multi-dimensional development of the novel, the eminent novelists of this era- Dickens, Thackery, Meredith, Hardy, George Eliot and many others occupy a very high place.

       In contrast to the novel of Dickens and the novel of George Eliot we find in Dickens's famous novel like 'Hard Times' he manages to capture what life was for all the social classes of his days.He exploses the evils of the industrialism, machanisation, urbanization and utilitarianism and a harsh criticism of fact and fancy.He saya that a life of human emotion is better than the hard heartedness of fact and he try to convey a message is that man does not live by bread only he needs good feelins and emotions too.

        Whereas if we talk about the novel of George Eliot 'Silas Marner' she has depicted the life of contemprory society as it was presented in Dickens novel, besides it she give a vivid description of man losing faith in the mercy of God and religion through character like Silas Marner and altogether devotes himself in accumaleting gold money.