Compare the theories of Abraham Maslow and Jean Piaget.

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Maslow and Piaget are two different psychologists who have provided a framework for understanding education and development in individuals as they age. As is usually the case, their two theories should not be seen as mutually exclusive, but in reality, they are likely complements that explain portions of human behavior and development.

Maslow is famous for his "hierarchy of needs". Typically represented as a pyramid, Maslow outlines the various needs an individual has throughout the stages of their development. As each need is met, the individual is freed up to begin learning up until the next stage. Through fulfillment of these needs, they learn different behaviors. This helps to explain why some people are emotionally stunted when they don't have certain needs met over time.

Piaget also offered his own version of a developmental theory. Piaget believed that individuals learned and grew through time regardless of their environment and that they focused on various types of learning...

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