Compare the three characters Richard III, Lady Macbeth, and Shylock, and explain which character has most characteristics of a villain. Discuss with quotations (for higher grades, have at least three quotations for one character).

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This question is asking you to examine three different villains and make a decision as to which character you think is the most villainous. Feel free to take your pick. There isn't a definitively correct answer, and all three characters are quite villainous in their own right.

Let's start with Lady Macbeth . She is clearly power-hungry for the throne, and she knows that her husband doesn't have the guts to follow through on the plan that she came up with. Her solution is to bully her husband into killing a king that everybody likes—one whom she was quite nice to only hours beforehand. Lady Macbeth is definitely evil; however, I wouldn't say that she is the most evil of the three. The reason for this is because she has a moral compass. It comes to the...

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