Compare the similarities and differences between Daisy and Jordan in The Great Gatsby.  

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Daisy Buchanan and Jordan Baker are friends who have known each other since they were girls growing up in the Midwest. Frequent companions that summer on Long Island, they are similar in being white, upper-class women in their twenties. Daisy is described as light and fair, while Jordan has dark hair. Both women seem to be dishonest: Daisy through her affair with Gatsby and Jordan through her reputed cheating at tennis. Daisy tends to keep her thoughts to herself, and Jordan likewise shares little about herself but tells Nick a long story about the origins of Daisy’s and Gatsby’s relationship. In this way, Jordan serves as Nick’s primary source of information about their past.

Daisy, who is some sort of cousin to Nick, is a married woman with a young daughter. She is not employed outside the home. Daisy married a man she does not love, apparently because she tends to conform to expectations. Daisy is clearly unhappy and neither likes nor respects her husband, who treats her with contempt...

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