Compare the Greek gods to the Hebrew God.      

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The largest difference between gods in the ancient Greek religion and the Hebrew God is that the former religion is polytheistic and the latter is monotheistic. There is no one Greek god, but several, each representing a different idea or element (Zeus is the chief god and patron deity of the sky, Demeter represents the harvest, Apollo represents reason and the sun, etc.). In contrast, the biblical God is considered the only of His kind. He is the ultimate creator deity with no real rival. He does not represent a handful of ideas or attributes, because He is the source of all reality itself.

The biblical God is also presented as perfect, as opposed to the Greek gods, who are very much flawed. Zeus is a philanderer, Hera is mad with jealousy, Demeter shirks her duties as goddess of the harvest out of grief, and Hades has to kidnap his bride-to-be; but the Hebrew God is perfectly just and merciful.

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