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Compare the feelings presented in Romeo and Juliet with Sonnet 130 and Sonnet 18.

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The main theme between all three works would be love, how to express it, and what is real when expressing it? For young lovers first discovering love, Romeo and Juliet's language explores bright happy metaphors from the sun and the moon to love pricking like thorns. These three works together beg the question, "Is love good or bad and when is love real?" When one is in love, she or he may sing the praises of the most glorious images on earth; but, when out of love, feelings are compared to the worst pain that one can experience. Romeo goes through both extremes when he is rejected by Rosaline and when he is accepted by Juliet. Sonnet 18 represents the high and glorious view of love, whereas Sonnet 130 brings love back down to earth with a more realistic view. It would seem then that Sonnet 130 would be written by an author who is more experienced with love and realizes it's reality more than Sonnet 18 whose author anxiously tries to suspend his love's existence through poetry.

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