Compare the characters of the pastor and Elizabeth in The Swiss Family Robinson with the help of textual evidence.

In The Swiss Family Robinson, Mr. Robinson, the pastor, and his wife, Elizabeth, are very much alike in their resourceful and positive attitudes in coping with being stranded on a deserted island. Their religious faith doesn't leave them , and they support each other in modeling good cheer for their children. Elizabeth is slightly more nurturing and conventional than her husband.

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Both the pastor, Mr. Robinson, and Mrs. Robinson are resourceful, cheerful, and religious people who make the best of their dire situation of being stranded on an island.

Both tend quickly to practical matters as they deal with the aftermath of the storm and shipwreck. Mr. Robinson shows his practicality and good sense from the start, stating,

I myself proceed[ed] ... to examine, as of greatest consequence, the supplies of provisions and fresh water within our reach.

Mrs. Robinson shows herself to be of a more nurturing and compassionate bend when she immediately thinks of the animals:

My wife took her youngest son, Franz, to help her to attend to the unfortunate animals on board, who were in a pitiful plight, having been neglected for several days.

They provide mutual support for each other with their joint religious faith:

Not for a moment did her courage and trust in Providence forsake her, and on seeing this, my fortitude revived.

In fact, it is Mrs. Robinson who had the foresight to put a Bible in her magic supply bag:

she drew from it a copy of the Holy Scriptures, which I thankfully received from her hand.

Mrs. Robinson at first shows herself to be the more conventional of the couple. For example, when the pastor insists she wears a sailor's pants because they are more practical given their circumstances, she agrees, but with "much embarrassment and many blushes."

However, she reveals herself to be as resourceful and resilient as her husband. When the family kills a porcupine, the pastor works on fashioning the quills into sewing needles for his wife while she contrives to make a "delicious" porcupine soup.

Mrs. Robinson, like her husband, cheerfully goes about her tasks of setting up housekeeping on the island. When she has arranged the tent and laid out plans for growing potatoes,

The time passed in happy talk over our many new interests.

Over all, the pastor and his wife are depicted as models of how to cope with what adversity brings in a positive way. Their upbeat spirits turn what could have been a tragic event into an adventure for their children, who learn life lessons from their parents in how to make do and use the resources they have at hand.

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