Compare teacher's tests to state mandated tests.

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Teacher-made tests are different than state mandated tests.  State mandate tests are required by the state.  They are used to measure student learning and often to compare how students do in schools throughout the state.  These tests are prepared by professional testing companies and usually are matched to reflect the teaching of various state standards. It usually costs a lot of money to produce, administer, and analyze these tests.  Sometimes, the results of these tests are used to retain or release teachers.

Teacher-made tests are ones developed by individual teachers.  These are used to measure learning in a specific classroom or for classrooms within a school district.  These tests may measure learning for school district goals, not necessarily for measuring state standards.  These tests are much easier and cheaper to develop, and the results often are not made public.

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Teacher tests are usually created in order to test certain knowledge, like a unit test. For example, a teacher can create a test that solely asks details of a chapter. However, he or she could also ask more in-depth and analysis questions.

State mandated tests are completely different. They test a broad range of topics. For example, a high school state math test may range all the way from algebra to trigonometry. These state tests are often used to determine whether a teacher or school is doing an adequate job of educating the student, relative to what other students get in other schools.

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