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Compare the Chinese leaders Sun, Chiang/Jiang, and Mao.

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These three pivotal leaders of modern China share some interesting similarities. They also have very important differences. Let's look at some of the similarities first.

During the Qing Dynasty, subversive speech was illegal in China. Consequently, the movements that these three men led started out as underground and secretive affairs.

Early on, they all led anti-imperial movements. During the nineteenth and early twentieth Centuries, European powers had forced China to make embarrassing concessions that eroded its sovereignty. Mao, Chiang, and Sun all felt that China was honor-bound to reassert its sovereign rights.

All three of these men were anti-monarchy. While it was Sun Yat-sen who was most responsible for the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty, the other two continued to lead China as a republic.

They all relied on their personal image to gain support. They fostered their own cults of personality and supported images of themselves throughout their nation to represent their power.

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