Compare the funeral speeches of Marc Antony for Julius Caesar and Jawaharlal Nehru for Mahatma Gandhi.the question ask above is for first yesr english syllabus followed by goa university.

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First, I assume you are talking about Nehru's formal eulogy -- the one that begins "A glory has departed..." and not his radio announcement of Gandhi's death.

To me, the major difference between the two speeches is that Antony is trying to condemn the assassins as well as praise Caesar.  By contrast, Nehru's speech is simply in praise of Gandhi.  Nehru really venerates Gandhi in this speech, speaking of him as a divine spark and saying that Gandhi was almost too good to praise.  Antony is much less admiring of Caesar.

The major similarity comes in the major characteristics that they attribute to the dead men.  In both speeches, the dead hero's modesty is lauded.  Antony talks about how Caesar refused the crown, Nehru talks about how Gandhi was willing to suffer for India.  More importantly, Antony talks about how Caesar cared deeply for the poor.  Nehru's speech focuses greatly on this attribute of Gandhi, talking about how he cared do much that he was in the hearts of all the people in every hamlet and village.

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