Compare the similarities and differences between Gatsby and Nick in The Great Gatsby.

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Both Nick and Gatsby seem to keep their trusted inner circles quite small. Since Nick believes himself one of the "few honest people" he's ever known, he excludes most people from friendships, requiring deep trust. Gatsby has an entire fictitious background he's trying to keep hidden, so he doesn't really care to form meaningful friendships, either. In fact, Daisy is the only person he truly cares to absorb into his inner circle, and he therefore ignores most of the guests at his lavish parties. Perhaps this is why he and Nick get along so well; neither man presses the other to share more than he is willing, and the friendship evolves into one of depth slowly. Both of these men stand somewhat outside the realm of wealth that eludes them. Although Gatsby acquires more money than most people could fathom, he is still "self-made" and therefore unable to gain full access to Daisy's circle. Nick's house is a little "eyesore," but he also comments that it allows him access to the "consoling...

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