Compare Shakespeare and Wordsworth as poets of nature.Compare Shakespeare and Wordsworth as poets of nature.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that both used nature as a critical part of their poetry.  Shakespeare seemed to use nature as a metaphor, a way to articulate artistic themes or ideas.  For example, in discussing love felt by another towards another, "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day," we see nature being used as a member of an "army of metaphors," to quote Nietszche.  Nature was seen as an artistic tool to explore connection between artist, subject, and reader.  Wordsworth used nature in a similar way, but his employment of nature was more in line with his Romantic philosophy.  In this setting, nature was linked to subjective experience and artistic expression.  It made nature an indispensable part to Wordsworth's poetry, as opposed to Shakespeare who was more akin to viewing it as a means to an artistic ends as opposed to the end itself.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator


I agree that nature was important to Shakespeare and Wordsworth, but I tend to think that Shakespeare used it more as a backdrop for talking about a beautiful woman and Wordsworth spent more time actually writing about nature for the sake of writing about nature.

gujraz | Student

hllo sir.i just read your views about shakespeare and i fully respect your opinion but i would like to draw out some things to light: that is as we all know it is true that Wordsworth and Shakespeare are the undisputable master of English Literature , thus it is also noteworthy that Shakespeare not only treats the "human nature "as you pointed out but he also uses the theme of nature in its globality.To add to my view it is undoubtedly noticeable in the works of Shakespeare that he uses nature to convey emotions or upcoming events in his plays;

"So fair and Foul a day i have never seen"


Sir this is one example of where he uses nature and there are many more.Shakespeare has used nature as the one who speaks to us just as Wordsworth has done.therefore i would say that it is unfair to say that Shakespeare only deals with the nature of man only.

with respect and regards to you sir I would really appreciate if you could kindly make things more clear for me and I would also readily accept any of your views as you are much more well acquainted to these than me.And lastly sir i apologise for any intrudence commited.



hope to get a reply from your behalf sir.