How would you compare and contrast the message about science and integrity in Frankenstein and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

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Dr. Jekyll and Victor Frankenstein have several things in common when it comes to how and why they used science. Let's consider just two of these commonalities and the messages we get from them.

First, both have selfish motivations for their scientific experiments. Dr. Jekyll is trapped by Victorian social conventions and seeks an alternative lifestyle where he can be free and explore his worst ambitions. Frankenstein wants to create a whole new race of man; this will of course (he imagines) lead to fame, but he also imagines that this race of man will adore him. The message behind the selfish use of science by both characters is actually similar: don't do it. Instead of being rewarded, each man actually causes his own downfall.

Second, both men carry out their experiments in secret. By any measure, this is not considered "good" scientific practice. Science should take place with plenty of input from other experts and with lots of practice so that one can...

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