In Shakespeare's As You Like It, compare Rosalind's behavior towards Orlando at the court with her behavior towards him in the forest of Arden. Show what she gained by her escape from the court.

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When Rosalind first meets Orlando, she is in her true form as a family member and lady of the court. Herein she must follow strict rules for women in society and by law. She must be accompanied by a chaperon, she must curtsy and mind her manners, and she must not interfere with the duties or activities of men. In the forest, however, she is dressed like a man; therefore, she has more freedom to speak her mind and interact with Orlando in a more direct way than if she were bound as a woman to follow other rules. Even though Rosalind is a boy in the forest, she is also able to find out who Orlando is and how much he truly loves her from a raw perspective. Usually, at that time, women and men were either matched to marry without the consideration of love, or the woman's father was to choose her husband. Luckily, Rosalind finds herself in a more relaxed atmosphere in the forest where everyone is out of the clutches of "society" and they are able to express themselves more freely. Rosalind, therefore, gains opportunity, freedom, and time that greatly benefits her life in the long run.

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