Compare the relationship between Vladmir and Estragon to that between Pozzo and Lucky in Waiting for Godot? . What similarities and differences do you see?

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Vladimir and Estragon are waiting for Godot: some indication that life is meaningful or an escape. The name Vladimir can mean prince, man of the people or ruler of peace. Estragon has the connotative meaning of estrogen and he is the more stereotypically feminine of the duo. One is more masculine and contemplative and the other more feminine and emotion-driven. Or, you could look at them as manifestations of one character since they share characteristics and seem to inherently depend upon each other. Vladimir is the conscious, practical one and Estragon is the soul. These descriptions are oversimplifications because in this play there are no clear answers. Each character is capable of rationality, emotion and existential questioning.

Vladimir and Estragon depend upon each other. Likewise, Pozzo and Lucky are attached: literally by rope. Pozzo is a bully. He defines himself as Master to Lucky, his slave. Pozzo is a symbol of oppression and Lucky is the symbol of the oppressed and the...

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