Compare relationship between oliver and orlando with respect to Rosalind and Celia?Plzzz tell me fast its my literature project u can send me mail also

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The play is introduced with the bitter relationship between Orlando and Oliver. Orlando is not at all happy with the treatment given to him by his elder brother. He compares his status with that of Jaques who was studying in university. He opens up with Adam, who is the faithful servant of the family from the times of his father i.e.Rowland De Boys.His emotions breaks up and tells how Oliver's horses are well bred and how the trainers and highly paid. Being the brother of Oliver, he does not proper food and clothing. The Act I Scene I exposes their violent fight and therby plotting of Oliver to kill Orlando.

However, Celia and Rosalind share a very affectionate and loving relationship. This could be seen when they are  introduced in SceAct I SceneII. They are brought up together from their cradle. They are inseperable. For the same reason, Rosalind is made to stay in the court after the banishment of her father by her uncle Duke Fredrick. But when Duke Fredrick learns that her fame is overshadowing his daughter, he orders her to vacate the court and she should not be seen within 20 miles of his dukedom. This is not acceptable to Celia, and joins Rosalind in her suffering. They elope the dukedom during night along with Touchstone.

In a nutshell, both sets of sibling have contracting relationship.However in Act V Oliver transforms himself,seeing the generosity of his brother Orlando.