Compare the positions of the Fedrealists and Democratic-Republicans on the national bank. I don't understand what they're asking me exactly, what positions?

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When this question says "positions" it means "opinions."  So the question is asking you to compare how the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans felt about the creation of a national bank.  In general, the Federalists were for the bank and the Democratic-Republicans were opposed to the bank.

The federalists were the party of the rich (for the most part) and they wanted to create a country in which manufacturing businesses could do well.  They felt that one way to do this was to create a national bank that would be able to loan money and keep the currency sound.

By contrast, the D-Rs were the party of small farmers and artisans.  They did not want the federal government doing much at all and they especially did not want it to help create a manufacturing economy that would benefit the rich.

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