Compare Plautus' The Pot of Gold and Menander's Dyskolos.

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The two plots of these plays are very clearly interlinked, and Plautus took various elements of Meander's work in order to help him write his own play. Both plays feature an old man who is very curmudgeonly and grumpy. In Meander's work, this old man is called Knemon, and Sostratos has to try and convince Knemon to let him marry his daughter. Although Knemon is initially opposed to the match, an accident that Sostratos unwittingly is part of makes him see life differently and Knemon becomes a reformed individual, permitting the marriage. Sostratos then is able to marry Knemon's daughter, and encourages his father to let Knemon's son, Gorgias, marry his own sister. When his own father does not support this idea because he would be allowing two paupers to enter the family,...

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