Compare the marriage proposals of Mr. Collins and Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice and Elizabeth's responses.

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Mr. Collins marriage proposal is arrogant - he is convinced that Elizabeth will accept - but it is also flowery and obsequious.  He over-explains himself, laying out all his reasons for marrying and explaining the "violence of [his] affection."   He insults Elizabeth's fortune by insisting that he is "indifferent to it."  He ends by insisting "no ungenerous reproach shall ever pass my lips when we are married."  He doesn't even wait for a response.  His he assumes they are already engaged.

Mr. Darcy 's speech is less flowery and more straightforward.  He actually proposes, rather than just declaring that they shall be married.  However, he is just as arrogant.  He also disparages Elizabeth's family fortune and her family's behavior.  He does not outwardly suggest that he...

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